Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthdaypalooza Weekend 2011

You know what I need? I need one of those wifi or bluetooth or whatever it is SD cards for your camera so that you don't actually have to even download the pictures from your camera to your computer. I think it just does it for you. That way I might actually be able to ever post pictures on this blog. But, right now I am upstairs, under the covers, and I just don't think I am going to be able to bring myself to get up, go downstairs, and get the camera to download all the new pics from all of the birthday festivities this weekend. So, when I get my act together, or just my butt out of bed, I'll put some new pics on here. I'm supposed to be doing some online shopping right now, so that somebody might actually get something for Christmas this year.

So it was birthdaypalooza this weekend in the Walker household. I now how an 11 year old, and tomorrow I will have a five year old! Can't believe it actually.

So, we spent Friday night celebrating Noodle's birthday at Monkey Joe's. Had a hoppin' good time! Then, took a group of boys to Myrtle Beach to Wonder Works, also referred to in our house as the Upside Down House, for the day yesterday. It was a really cool place, and the boys had a blast! That was followed by a sleepover, and 4 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast this morning. Cookie had Mexican twice for meals on his birthday today. We will just have to wait and see what Noodle requests on his tomorrow...

That's all for now... I can hear the dotcoms calling my name!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again

Yee Haw.
Well, I guess I should say first off that this is for you, Jana. Honestly, I don't know if anyone else will ever even read this stuff, but I will really try to do this. I think I will probably do a lousy job, but I will try to do this. Like right now, it has been over two years, and we have even had a long awaited daughter, so you would think I would have all these really cool pictures to post of the kids. Nah. Not even close. I have no idea when I will have any good pictures to post, and to be honest, when I actually do post pictures, they won't be good. Not if I take them anyway. Whatever. I'm trying. Right? That does count. Jana, it better count!
So, anyway. A little recap of our life right now... The 18 month old lady of the house is currently having a stare down with me after I very convincingly tell her to get down from atop the table, where she has only just figured out how to climb up onto tonight. Lovely new skill. But, I digress...
Anyway, Cookie is now a FIFTH grader. Still into all things sports. He is gonna have to narrow down his choices one day soon. I am voting baseball and cross country. He is a born runner - just like his daddy, but hasn't grown to appreciate that God-given ability just yet.  Man, is he a hard worker! His ADHD really gives him a hard time, but he really works hard to overcome it. Sometimes we'd like to choke him for many of the symptoms he displays (impulsivity, impulsivity, impulsivity), but he has such a heart of gold. And he's darn cute too. Girls, look out!
Nosey is a THIRD grader now. Unbelievable. And he just changed schools about a month ago. Miraculously, he finally got into PACE! One of the happiest times of my life. Really. I know that doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but it is a real deal changer for him. It is an amazing place. The atmosphere is like nowhere else you have ever been. I am challenged to put it into words really. It's just that I know that he is getting the best care there. And the people who work at that school are there by choice, not because they can't find something better - real movers and shakers. They are cutting edge, and always going the extra mile for those kids. They are really making a difference in those kids' lives. He is already doing things that I wasn't sure he would ever do - like walking in a gait trainer. I had all but given up on that. I should have known better.

Tater Tot has now grown to be affectionately referred to as Noodle. He is in 4K, and is probably the funniest kid I have ever met. He has mad break dancing skills, and isn't afraid to break them out on a moments' notice whether it's pop music, classical music, or even nursery rhymes. He does not discriminate when it comes to dancing. He is learning French in school this year, and that is comedic in its' own right. Each word is accompanied by some action and usually very strong inflection and change in tone of voice. HI-larious! I love when he comes into our room in the morning telling us about all of the crazy dreams he had the night before. I never remember my dreams.
Now for the kid that didn't even exist last time I blogged ( I am so ashamed)... EClaire or Baby Girl. At almost 19 months, she is a pistol.  She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. And her brothers for that matter. And she knows it. And she works it. Everyday. All the time. She doesn't appear to be the quiet, dainty type so far. Who knows, that may change. I don't see it happening, but who knows. She will begin ballet next year because she needs the training in gracefulness, in addition to the fact that I CANNOT WAIT to see her baby belly in a leotard. The chipped baby teeth are reason enough, but I do think she will be cute in a leotard and tutu. It has been a shear joy to dress her thus far. I look forward to opening her closet doors each day. Man, is that satisfying.

Let's see... That's kind of a reintroduction and a bit of a catch-me-up, right? Plus, I am sure you are sick of reading this stuff already. I mean, my kids are great and cute, but I am not even posting any pictures this time. And I haven't even told any great stories or anything, but I kind of feel like you know where they are at least.

Crap. I need to go Christmas shopping!

Friday, June 5, 2009

School's Out for Summer!!!

Well, it's that time of year again... The weather is beautiful, and the kids are free. I no longer have a 2nd grader and Kindergartner, but now a First grader and Third grader. Good grief! Where has the time gone?

We have had lots of fun in the one full day that school has been out - movies, swimming, tennis. The boys were completely exhausted tonight at bedtime. I am not much better myself.

This summer should be a good one. We don't have very many big plans, but we do have the dock this year, and the wave runner I got for Mother's Day! YAY! We have already been putting that to good use, and I know we will continue to. We aren't going to the Bahamas this year, and we haven't quite decided what exactly we will do for an official vacation, but my vote is a cruise. We will see...

In the mean time, Tater Tot has started talking up a storm and become a pretty good swimmer as well. You can't take your eyes off of him for one second. He has begun potty training, and is doing a really good job. The days big boy underwear fulltime are just around the corner!

Nosey also made a pee-pee on the potty this week. He spends some time on his toileting system everyday in the hopes that we can eventually train him and ourselves to get him at least somewhat potty trained. We have a LONG road ahead of us, but I am hopeful. We have also discovered a little artist inside of No-No. He has created many beautiful pieces of artwork which will soon grace the walls of our home. And on top of all of that he has lost lost another tooth!

Cookie is growing up so fast these days. He is such a good big brother- from being Nosey's buddy in Miracle League Baseball to playing with Tater Tot - he just makes my heart sing. He got a Nintendo DSi as reward for doing so well in school, and that is where his nose has been since yesterday. Other than than his second tennis lesson today. I must say, he is really good. I think he is a natural.

I have also discovered tennis here recently, and I LOVE IT! I am making no statement about my abilities in tennis, but it is so much fun! I would play everyday if I could. And, we (my friend Allison and I) started a book club. These things make me very happy. They may seem silly, but it is so fulfilling to focus on myself a little.

Chris has gotten into a good groove since the Grand Opening. He is looking forward to a good summer at both stores and at home. Finally...

Jana has less than two months left with us here, and not a day goes by that we don't think about how much we are going to miss her. Both her mom and dad, and brother have all come to visit. We have had such a good time with them while they were here. Good times, good times...

Summer is my favorite season and I am so glad it's here! Look out cuz here we come!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

An 8 year old considers the current imminent pandemic...

So, today was a pretty eventful one for me. I had my first ever tennis lesson. I am not claiming that I was good or anything, but I DID really have FUN! I was really nervous, but it turned out to be great! I signed up for 6 months of lessons, so we'll see...

This afternoon No-No got new Ankle Foot Orthotics. I am still not sure exactly what I was thinking when I picked out the pattern. Luckily, we are going to be able to just try them out for a couple of weeks to see how they fit, and then we get to order some better looking ones. WHEW!

And this evening was the first ever Daniel Island Farmer's Market. I was so excited to take the boys, and go have crepes for dinner. Of course, by the time we were able to get there everybody was sold out of everything, so we ended up having to go get pizza on our bike ride back home. On our way out Cookie got some ice cream. It was one of those Sponge Bob popsicle thingys, and when he opened the wrapper it fell right on the ground. He freaked out, of course, grabbed it up and asked me what he should do - if he should eat it or not. I decided to apply the 5 second rule, and told him that he should eat it. He started to take a lick, and then froze right in his tracks... he looked up at me said," But what about the pig fever?" Get it? He was worried about the Swine Flu! To see the world through the eyes of a child is a beautiful, hilarious, wonderful thing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Selling Chicken and the Toothless Wonder

Well, what can I say? I don't have any really good excuse except the fact that the longer I wait to write the more overwhelmed I am by what I haven't written that I just can't bring myself to sit down and do it. Yes, things have been extremely busy around here, but when are they not? That's not a good excuse. I keep thinking about this Stephen King novel that I read about 15 years ago probably where the computer or printer or something would type out your thoughts. All you had to do was think it and it would print it out. There were major implications for this in the book, as I am sure you can imagine, but it sure would come in handy in the shower.:)

What have we been up to? Let's see... Other than swimming lessons for P-baby, two boys in Baseball, and several house guests, we opened the second store!

The most important thing I have to say about the opening is how proud I am of my hubby. He is such a hard worker, and it is so nice to see him get recognized professionally for his efforts. He makes us all so proud. He has put in some really long hours lately, and things are going really well in Goose Creek, as well as in Summerville. Sure there are few bumps, but all in all, things are great. Despite the recession, people (at least those living in GC and S'ville) are still eating lots of chicken!

Another big even that occured about three weeks ago was the loss of Nosey's first baby tooth. He was so tough! He hardly even whimpered when Poppy pulled it. Of course, I was way too squeemish to pull it. I don't do ears or teeth. Check out his new smile. He was on the phone telling his daddy all about it!

Friday, March 13, 2009

So, last weekend my girlfriend, Amy, and I ran away to the big city. We got to take a girls' weekend in NYC. We had so much fun. With the trip and the time change, I am still recovering. We were so busy. I think we walked just about every square inch of Manhatten over those 5 days. O.k., well not quite, but it sure felt like it.

We arrived on Thursday and had lunch at Serendipity. MMMMmmmmm. Their frozen hot chocolate is to die for. I would really be in trouble if that was available on a daily basis. We also went to see Wicked that night. Great show! We had so much fun. We loved it! I would go again and again!

Friday we went down to the World Trade Center site. We visited a museum down by the site that has been put together with help from those affected by the events of 9/11. It was very touching, and really took my breath away. I had to keep a tissue handy the whole time.

We also got to take a tour of the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Amy's next door neightbor used to work there before moving to Chucktown, so he set the whole thing up for us. That was pretty cool. It didn't seem nearly as busy as I remember seeing it on TV. All everyone was talking about in New York was the economy, and this was an in-your-face example of it.

We walked through Central Park, and saw the remnants of the snow they had gotten the week before. We also saw lots of ducks walking on the frozen lake. We thought that was pretty neat.

Sunday morning we had brunch with a long lost friend from Amy's childhood who now lives in NYC. That was a lot of fun. They had only just recently found each other on facebook, and set the meeting up when Amy realized where she lived. Cool, huh?

We went to Caroline's Comedy Club to see Kevin Nealon too. His opening acts were much funnier. I'm not trying to mean - just sayin'. I think Nealon should stay on TV.

We ate lots of good food, and shopped all over Manhatten. Amy even let me sleep till about 9:00 every morning. Except the last morning we got up early so that we could be in the studio audience of Regis & Kelly Live. Kelly Rippa is just great - so down to earth.

Of course, while I was gone they had the best weather of the year so far in Charleston and they went out on the boat all weekend. So, they had a lot of fun too. Success all around.

Good times with a great friend. Thanks Amy!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seminar 2009

Well, we got back yesterday from our week away for Chick-fil-A Seminar. We went out to Long Beach, CA for the conference, and stayed for a couple of extra days. We got to see my brother, Rick, sister-in-law, Bert, and my nephew, Kevin. 

The speakers at Seminar were pretty great. Jim Collins, a famous writer of business books, spoke. Also, Kirk Cameron was there to talk about the success of the movie Fireproof. We got a picture with him.

We also heard Rick Warren speak -- you know the pastor who gave the benediction at Obama's inauguration. Yeah, him. I took Chris' picture with him but I chopped off their heads. Here it is anyway...

The weather wasn't all that cooperative while we were in Long Beach. So, we only got to really get out out one afternoon. I took a really great nap the other afternoon we had free time.:) Anyway, when we did get out we took a catamaran over to Catalina Island. It's about 26 miles off the shore of CA.  We took a little tour of the city of Avalon, which is basically the only inhabited part of the island. We are glad we went, but probably won't ever return... Just not that much to do there.

After Seminar we spent a day in Santa Monica shopping around and visiting the Pier, and the 3rd Street Promenade.  I really liked Santa Monica. Chris also found the place where the E-Glide electric skateboard is manufactured. After giving one a test ride, he decided to have one shipped to Daniel Island. Add that to his list of toys. It is really cool, though. I think he will have a blast on it. And maybe me too-- if I don't break my neck.

We window shopped on Rodeo Drive, but didn't buy anything. We did see a 1,000,000,000 diamond necklace in Tiffany's, though. We didn't even get to touch it, though. I am about 99% sure that I saw the blonde Mormon guy from this season's Real World Brooklyn cast while we were in the Lacoste store. We also saw lots of Bentley's, Maybach's, and Rolls Royce's.

We had gotten tickets to the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show for Thursday, but after spending 2 and 1/2 hours trying to drive the 13 miles to get there, we were late and missed the taping . We were so sad that we just kind of stood outside of the building trying to figure out what to do next. One of the producers from the show came up and asked us if we wanted to be in the show. We, of course, said yes, and then got be in the background of a promotion they filmed for Subway. They wanted to compensate us for our time with Subway gift cards, but we asked them to get us into the show for the next night, and he did. The only time we were in the shot during that taping,  they edited it out. It was still a lot of fun, and Chris made friends with one of the Security guys who said that anytime we are back out there he will get us into the green room. So, I think Chris is already trying to figure out when he can go back. The guy, Dev Patel, from Slumdog Millionaire was a guest the night we got to see the show, and that was pretty neat to see.

So, I guess we had a pretty busy time while we were away. It was a nice break from life before the opening of the store in April. I amglad to be home. I missed the boys so much. The house is still standing, and everyone is all in one piece. I know they ate well while we were gone because did all of the cooking. Sorry I missed that.

Tomorrow is Nosey's 6th birthday!! I can't believe it still. He is getting so big, and actually has a loose tooth. That's my boy...